Preinstalled mounting brackets


(Note: Installation for several Mercedes-Benzs and Volkswagens might be different, please visit our youtube channel for visual installation guide) 

These installations show the left door (driver side) deflectors being installed. The same procedure applies to installing the right door (passenger side) deflectors.

Be careful not to damage the paint finish and glass run channels/weatherstrips when installing the deflectors

Adhesive strength is determined by the adhesive viscosity and resin softness. The lower the atmospheric temperature, the lower the adhesive viscosity and weaker the adhesive strength. For this reason, installation is best when the ambient air temperature is 70F or above.

Important: If dirt, dust, or oil are present on the surface of the window frame for installation, the adhesive strength of the 3M tape will be diminished. For best result, thoroughly clean the surface of the window/door frame where deflector will be attached using cleaning pad and rag. Do not touch the 3M tape surface with hands. This will cause oil from the skin to be transferred to the 3M tape, diminishing the adhesive strength of the tape.

To allow the adhesive to cure, do not wash the vehicle for 24 hours after installation.

Installing the front door visor 

1. Fully open the front window and open the door. Open the included alcohol wipe pad to clean the surface for dust and grease.

alcohol wipe pad

2. Hold the visor up the window frame to ensure proper fitment and to get an idea on where to mount the visor.

3. Carefully remove the black protective foam from the top brackets.
remove black protective foam from bracket

4. Depends on the vehicle model, sometimes separated mounting brackets are still required for the side mirror location. If your set doesn't require additional brackets for installation, please skip this step and process to Step 5

mounting bracket examples

Insert the small mounting bracket between the side mirror panel and the rubber glass channel run.

insertion of mounting bracket to side mirror panel

5. Peel back the side adhesive backing and 1 1/2 to 2 inches of top adhesive backing. 

6. For front visor that comes with front bracket: Depends on the style of the visors, insert front bracket  into the door mirror base (between mirror base and glass channel run, not window channel). 

Skip this step and proceed to STEP 7 if visor was not equipped with front bracket.

front bracket example one


front bracket example two

Optional step:
Peel off and stick the optional protective film between the bracket and door frame.
optional protective film

7. Mount the top brackets to the top edge of the door frame
Install top mounting bracket to top edge

8. Make sure adhesive backing is hanging from below the visor because you'll be pulling the backing from under the visor. 
Make sure to peel the tape from below the visor

9. Lightly tape both ends of the visor  to the door frame.

10. While applying light pressure against the front door deflector, carefully remove the adhesive backing from under the visor. Tip: While pulling the adhesive backing, grab the backing as close to the visor as possbible to avoid tearing the tape.

11. If you set requires side mirror bracket in STEP4, use locking pins to secure deflector. Otherwise proceed to next step.

Locking pin installation

12. Using the palm of your hand, firmly press down around the edge to ensure adhesive is fully contacted with the door frame.

13. Raise and lower the window several times to see if window can be closed properly.

14. Check visor from above and below to make sure 3M tape is fully contacted with door sash (no light leak). If visor is not fully contacted with door frame, apply pressure on the edge of the visor to ensure 3M tape is fully contact with door frame

check for light leak under the visor 

15. Use the same mechanism to install the rear visor.


Clean the deflectors with mild detergent and water. 

Do not use organic solvents (thinner, benzine, alcohol, etc.) or cleaners containing any abrasive material.

Side window deflectors may not be legal in all states. Please check the laws of your state.

Although side window deflectors improve ventilation, customers should not leave children or pet inside while parked under extreme heat.