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To our dearest customers, As you are likely aware, the World Health Organization recently classified the global outbreak of COVID-19 (corona virus) as a global pandemic. This has caused the government at all levels across the country to take drastic measures many of us have never experienced.

Some of our staff will be working from home as we try to limit unnecessary exposure to the virus. We will have staff in the office and shop as permitted to keep operations running as smoothly as possible during this difficult time.

You can still reach any of us at our email addresses with any questions or concerns.

This is a dynamic situation that can change on a daily - or, even hourly - basis. As such, we will continue to update you of any pertinent changes. And should the need arise to close our doors completely, we will update you as soon as that change happens.

We wish you all the best as we work through this as one community. Stay safe!

WELLvisors Team

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